To blog or not to blog…


‘What am I doing here?’ I hear you say. Well, I have asked that question once before. Just then.

I have toyed with the idea of recording my life in numerous ways and I have settled upon blogging as the means with which I want to do that.

I am a 6’3″ male primary school teacher in the north of England, where the perpetual rain is good for cotton milling. I have previously punched massively above my weight, struck gold and convinced her to marry me which we are now… happily.

Most importantly, I have just experienced fatherhood for the first time. What a whirlwind. This blog will be about many things but most will come back to my life as the big daddy and the teacher. Enjoy it, if you want to.

I am not expecting much, but I do expect to write grammatically correct, informative and sometimes humorous blogs that can be enjoyed by a few like-minded souls.

I think I will start off by talking about Dr. Suess; who’s teaching should be the basis of how I think life should be lived by all.

Enjoy. Or don’t. Whatever you want really!

Leave a comment. If you want to.

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